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Water by Nature Tasmania, Franklin River Rafting ™ offers 5, 7 and 10 day wilderness whitewater rafting adventures. An exhilarating and relaxing culinary journey.

The Cauldron in the "Great Ravine", Franklin River Rafting ™, Water by Nature Tasmania, wilderness whitewater rafting

The Cauldron in the “Great Ravine”

On your Franklin River Rafting ™ adventure you will experience surging rapids, exciting whitewater, tranquil gorges and rare pristine temperate rainforests. Native wildlife including platypus, wallabies, quolls, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and white-breasted sea eagles are often encountered. While rafting the World Heritage listed Franklin River, enjoy exotic and traditional cuisine in a unique wilderness setting, with the emphasis on gourmet fresh Tasmanian produce and herbs.

Our Franklin River Whitewater Rafting Tours

New to whitewater rafting? Rely on our expert knowledge of the Franklin River, your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our priorities. Read Reviews.

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The Guides

Our guides are professionals with a great passion for the Franklin River. They are chosen for their excellence in wilderness whitewater rafting, culinary, first aid and interpretation skills. Our senior guide Brett has organised whitewater rafting expeditions on the Franklin River every season since 1987 for Wildtrek, Peregrine and from 2003 for Water By Nature Tasmania Franklin River Rafting ™  and still looks forward to every trip.

Wilderness Whitewater Rafting – a Culinary Journey

Shower Cliff Cavern, Newlands, Water by Nature Tasmania, Franklin River Rafting ™

Shower Cliff Cavern, Newlands

Let us pamper you with delicious, healthy and nutritious, exotic and traditional cuisine. We like to use fresh and locally sourced, Tasmanian produce. Our guides take pride in their cooking skills and go to great lengths to provide a varied and interesting menu. If you have any special dietary requirements just let us know in advance. We have catered for vegan, gluten free, full coeliac, lactose intolerant and low sodium diets and various food allergies. Read some food reviews.

Fitness Levels, Franklin River Rafting.

No previous whitewater rafting experience is necessary. But please be aware that rafting in this untamed, remote wilderness does require a medium fitness level and a sense of adventure. The minimum age is 16 or lower by arrangement. There is no maximum age limit. Several people in their seventies have successfully completed Franklin River Rafting ™ trips.


We may be able to customize the length and start date of your Franklin River Rafting ™ tour if you have a group of four or more.  We can and have run Full River expeditions of 6 to 14 days, Upper River tours of 4 to 8 days and Lower River trips of 4 to 6 days duration. Please enquire regarding discounts for groups of three or more.

Negotiating the untamed waters of the Franklin River is one of the worlds best whitewater rafting adventures. Unpredictable river levels mean your trip will always be an adventure – it is possible to encounter both very low levels and floods within days of each other. Whatever the level, rafts offer the best way to explore this unique wilderness.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of these tours please contact Brett on 1800-1111-42 anytime.

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Video Wild Australia: Franklin River Rafting ™

Play video 'Go with the flow' on the Australian, by Graham Loyd and Vanessa Hunter, Water by Nature Tasmania, Franklin River Rafting ™ Play video ‘Go with the flow’ from “The Australian”, by Graham Lloyd and Vanessa Hunter.
Environment editor Graham Lloyd finds what was saved by the historic protests 30 years ago along Tasmania’s Franklin River.

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